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Birkenstock was founded in 1774. The company has grown to become one of the big German brands with tradition in the footwear business.

In 1896 Birkenstock developed footbed insoles, which became the company's foundation for success. Since then Birkenstock sandals are manufactured from cork and leather and furnished with an orthopedic footbed.

Today this comfort concept has made Birkenstock shoes very popular among fashion conscious people. More than a decade ago Grünbein Shoes launched a similar concept with its Naturform line. Much like with Birkenstock sandals, fashionistas often combine these comfortable shoe shapes with a stylish outfit.

Similar to Birkenstock, Grünbein offers a variety of fits for different feet and primarily uses natural rubber crepe soles, which provide superb walking comfort. Also, some highly fashionable upper materials are used.

Like Birkenstock, the Grünbein company applies the highest quality standards when it comes to workmanship, materials and production methods.

We wish our customers a lot of fun with our fine shoes!

Your shoes-berlin team